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Przeklęta i błogosławiona (Pamięć jako fundament europejskiej tożsamości w refleksji Czesława Miłosza)

Magdalena Bauchrowicz

Cursed and Blessed (Memory as Foundation of European Identity in Czesław Miłosz’s Reflection)

The article presents a comprehensive approach to reflection on the European identity, an issue explored in essays and poetry of Czesław Miłosz. The author’s interest in this issue concerns primarily the questions about contribution of the collective memory to developing the identity discourse of community. The analyses which attempt to complete already existing extensive bibliography of this important for the Noble Prize winner topic, intend to present complexity of the poet’s thoughts on the role of the social memory as a tool used by an individual or a nation to refer to its own history. Asking about the way in which Miłosz interprets history, chances and threats he perceives in practicing the historical consciousness, the author indirectly proves fundamentality of European experience for elevation of remembrance in the essayist’s axiology world.