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Czas próby. Znaczenie Kazimierza Kumanieckiego dla losów filologii klasycznej w PRL

Jerzy Axer

Testing Time. Importance of Kazimierz Kumaniecki for Development of Classics in the Polish People’s Republic

The study describes the role that Kazimierz Kumaniecki (1905–1977) played in building the classics community during the Polish People’s Republic. Compared to other countries of the Communist Bloc, this community developed the strongest structures in terms of academic staff and quality, while Kumaniecki’s activity played a significant role in maintaining its cohesion. Kumaniecki’s sense of mission had two sources: his experience at the Home Army (AK) Headquarters’ Information and Propaganda Bureau (during World War II) and the tradition of the community of classics scholars in the Galicia region during the partitions of Poland. In the country in bondage, studies on ancient culture were intended to serve as a tool for promoting Poland in Europe. The study includes materials from secret service archives.