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Poezja Władysława Sebyły w perspektywie eseistyki Emila Ciorana

Katarzyna Gościniak

Poetry of Władysław Sebyła in Perspective of Emil Cioran’s Essays

The article is the interpretation of Władysław Sebyła’s poetry in perspective of Emil Cioran’s essays, with a focus on essential similarity of existential despair. Integral pessimism manifests itself at many levels of literary discourse: starting with the vision of a man in the world which the gods have fled and ending with the considerations about the nature of poetry and impaired word-thing relationship. These considerations are constantly patronized by the thought of Emil Cioran. Reading Sebyła’s poetry in the context of the writings of Emil Cioran, one of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century, desperate and perverse, is probably too bright to be a statement, but is still deeply immersed in the “dark current” poetry of Władysław Sebyła.