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Metafizyka i tradycja katastroficzna (co zrobić z kryzysem przedstawienia?)

Andrzej Zieniewicz

Metaphysics and Catastrophic Tradition (What to Do with Presentation Crisis?)

In the draft Władysław Sebyła’s works perceived as precursory in presenting catastrophic tendencies in the second decade of the interwar period are examined in the light of two turning points which occurred in this poetry. First is shifting from community spirit to presentations of catastrophic anxieties, as well as gloomy civilization and social prognoses; then – from catastrophic anxieties towards “dark metaphysics” of lack of faith in humanistic sense of the word, towards the feeling of threat of nihilism and the conviction that poetry will cease to exist, struck by modernist “indifference” to beauty, dullness and turning of thinking to concepts of myth, sacrum and mystery.