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Bezsilne przekleństwa Juliusza Słowackiego. O bezbożności dramatu Mindowe

Helena Markowska

Powerless Curses by Juliusz Słowacki. On the Godlessness of the Drama Mindowe

This paper is an attempt to analyse Mindowe, a drama by Juliusz Słowacki, assuming the issue of the curses appearing there as a point of departure. They are discussed in the context of folk culture as magic acts (this particularly refers to Rogneda’s curse as an example of a maternal curse), and also as performatives. The powerlessness of the curses and other performative acts, as well as the doubtful status of prophecies in the drama permit the depiction of the manner in which the Christian and pogan religions function in it – none of them is privileged in the presented world because no supernal forces are powerful therein. This, coupled with the analysis of the characters’ utterances related to religious issues, leads to the conclusion that seeking faith is an important, and perhaps even the major, subject of Mindowe