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Śmierć nienaturalna. Przyroda w polskiej i angielskiej poezji romantycznej

Wojciech Hamerski

Unnatural Death. Nature in Polish and English Romantic Poetry

This text uses the opposition of construing and deconstruing “simple” and “problematic” reading for comparative reading of the works of Polish and English Romanticism. The contradictory expressions were used by Meyer Abrams in the polemics with deconstructionist interpretations of Romantic poems, which interpretations were rendered by Geoffrey Hartman, Joseph Hillis Miller and Paul de Man. I am trying to prove that although many years have passed since the apogee of this dispute, it can serve as an inspiration for reinterpretations of the texts of Polish Romanticism, as well as for attempts to perform comparative readings (e.g. The Prelude by Wordsworth and Pan Tadeusz by Adam Mickiewicz).