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„Magowie” romantyzmu: Mickiewicz – Hugo

Magdalena Siwiec

The “Magi” of Romanticism: Mickiewicz – Hugo

This paper is an attempt to look at the works of the writers who determined the shape of Romanticism in Poland and in France, the representatives of the “generation of Magi”: Adam Mickiewicz and Victor Hugo, from the comparative perspective. The comparison includes the stages of the artistic path of Mickiewicz and Hugo that are most significant for thinking about poetry: from odes and ballads from the 1820s and accompanying paratexts, where the writers form the foundations of the new paradigm, to eastern lyrics (esp. Crimean Sonnets and Les Orientales), which determined the change of the poetic model, to the concept of “poetry-magic”, which constituted the culminating point in the works by both the writers and which was readable in The Great Improvisation, on the one hand, and in Les Mages from the collection of poems Les Contemplations, on the other. The discussions exhibiting the similarities and differences in Mickiewicz and Hugo’s approaches to this concept finish with a reflection on its consequences for the further works by both the poets and for Romanticism.