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Romantyzm polski w perspektywie postkolonialnej. Rzecz o zmaganiach z historią (Mickiewicz – Hegel)

Alfred Gall

In this paper messianism is depicted as a discourse of national identity. Apart from compensation in the face of one’s helplessness, messianism responded to the discourses substantiating partitions and thus justifying the non-existence of Poland in the history. Hegel’s philosophy of history is a demonstration of such a hegemonic discourse negating the existence of Poland in the History. Mickiewicz’s messianism – in Księgi narodu polskiego i pielgrzymstwa polskiego – is a counter-narration directed against a similar questioning of the role of Poland. Mickiewicz construes the counter-narrative by abjection (Kristeva) of Hegel’s hegemonic discourse and defines the national identity that is deeply rooted in the historical process.