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Emmanuel Levinas i etyczny potencjał sztuki

Alena Marchwinski

Emmanuel Lévinas and the Ethical Potential of Art

The paper is a reflection on the ethical potential of fine art in the context of Emmanuel Lévinas’s thought. Although the iconoclastic theory of art by Lévinas questions the ethical value of the artistic representation, there is a range of similarities between the relation with the Other and a special manner in which art is manifested. The point here is certainly not the identicalness of the theory of art and the Other, but the analogy, which is not unfamiliar to Lévinas himself. The paper focuses on the varied approaches of Lévinas to the notion of passiveness and otherness in Reality and Its Shadow (1948) and Totality and Infinity (1961), as well as on the issue of meanwhile, which is the main cause of the unreliable essence of the image in Lévinas’s concept.