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Irracjonalizm w zachodniej kulturze muzycznej. Uwagi na marginesie tezy Maxa Webera

Sergiusz Wrotek

Irrationalism in the Western Musical Culture. Comments on the Margin of Max Weber’s Thesis

Max Weber formed a thesis providing that the musical culture of the West is characterised by rationalism coupled with linear progress. Along with the phenomena which may confirm Weber’s thesis, diverse, irrational models of thinking (intuitive, visionary, improvisational, etc.) also occur in the Occident’s music. They concern, for instance, the age of ars subtilior music, the early-Baroque works, the music of Romanticism and Neoromanticism, musical Expressionism. However, particular significance was attached to musical irrationalism in postmodernism (minimalism, polystylism, new forms). Irrationalism in music corresponds to Nietzsche and Bergson’s thoughts and refers (in postmodernism) to certain features characteristic for oral cultures.