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Czym jest głos wewnętrzny? O wierszu Zbigniewa Herberta

Tomasz Markiewka

What Is Inner Voice? On a Poem by Zbigniew Herbert

In his paper the author presents three possible interpretations of Zbigniew Herbert’s poem titled Głos wewnętrzny (Inner voice). This, however, is not the sole goal of this text. The reflections on various interpretations of Herbert’s composition serve proving, on a specific example, that even two words (particularly if these words have philosophical connotations) are capable of bringing so elaborate senses to a work that it becomes impossible to interpret it in an unambiguous manner. When analysing the title notion of “głos wewnętrzny”, the reader becomes involved in a play between the text and diverse contexts, which leads to multiplying possible meanings of the poem. The choice between these meanings seems impossible to make on the grounds of the text alone and depends both on context to which the reader turns and on the degree to which the reader becomes absorbed by the selected context.