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Kryzys a problem racjonalności

Krzysztof Tyszka

The Crisis and the Issue of Rationality

The subject of the present paper is the relation between rationality and experience of the crisis in the 20 century. This reflection arose to a significant extent from the critique of th the Enlightenment philosophical tradition, which perceived the source of the human progress and happiness in reason and rational cognition. Three areas of this critique and related diagnoses of the crisis are distinguished here: (1) universalisation of reason – the conviction that reason has gained a certain type of cognitive monopoly and has become the only reference point; (2) instrumentalisation – subordinating reason to strictly practical purposes; (3) technicisation – forming a certain “technical mentality”, characterised by extreme pragmatism and perception of the world as a set of goals and tools for achieving them. These three perspectives allow the view on the most extreme manifestations of the previous century’s crisis, that is totalitarian regimes. Keywords: crisis, rationality, instrumentalisation, technology.