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Warszawska szkoła historyków idei - kolektyw współmyślących osobno

Marta Bucholc

The Warsaw School of Historians of Ideas – the Community of Independent Thinkers

Based on the published memoirs related to the Warsaw school of history of ideas and bibliographical interviews conducted with its members and students, the author discusses the school as a thinking community, using Ludwik Fleck’s theory. When describing the community aspects of the school’s life (community of language, thinking, learning and teaching), the author outlines the tension between the intellectual individualism and the specific character of research choices of the school members, and the community, around which a vision of the school as a uniform entity was later constructed. The text is finished with the conclusion that the Warsaw school constituted a group of scholars acting independently and possessing certain characteristics of the thinking community, particularly a specific working style. The community nature of the school was, however, counteracted by the individualism of its representatives, eclecticism of their interests, interdisciplinarity of education and research freedom (despite the lack of political freedom). They enabled the creation of outstanding and original works at the expense of a certain escapism consisting in departing from the subjects related to the social topicality and disregarding research and methodological programmes, the formulation of which could transform this circle into an academic school in the strict sense.