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Zderzenie dwóch światów. Początki eksploracji Nowego Świata przez Hiszpanów

Przemysław Mazur

The Clash of Two Worlds. The Beginnings of the Exploration of the New World by the Spanish

The text touches upon the issue of relationships between the indigenous inhabitants of both Americas and the Spanish newcomers who began colonising the islands in the Caribbean Sea and the coasts of the continent at the turn of the 15 and the 16 centuries. th th Particular emphasis is put on the issue of mutual perception of the representatives of both the parties to the “clash of civilisations”, which is not free from erroneous interpretations (among others identifying the Europeans with supernatural creatures). A lot of space is devoted to Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of the New World, who, as a vigilant observer, developed effective (and at times even drastic) methods of subordinating the Native American communities, which were successfully applied by the Spanish conquistadors (e.g. Hernan Cortés) at the later stages of America’s exploration.