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Portrety bohaterów filmowych we współczesnym kinie szwedzkim

Tomasz Adamski

Images of Film Characters in Contemporary Swedish Cinema

The author looks for the basis of identity support for contemporary members of the Swedish community. He analyses this problem on the example of the newest Swedish films, such as Tillsammans, Ett hĺl i mitt hjärta, De ofrivilliga, Gitarrmongot, Farväl Falkenberg. He notices that belonging to some group is a crucial factor, but a consolidated group may show aggression versus somebody who is a kind of an alien with a different point of view, different looks, color of skin, profession or faith. We can find evidence of this kind of behavior in films such as Zozo, Ping-pongkingen, Patrik 1,5 or Let Me in. The main conclusion is that a totally new situation in non-homogenous society causes huge cultural and social problems for ethnic Swedes. This may be the reason why the Swedish film often shows people who took a decision to live outside the society, wishing to find something new, which would be their own and honest and thus could help them live through another day.