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W stronę antropologii społecznej Norwegii. Norma likhet wobec problemów współczesności: imigracja, westernalizacja i masakra na wyspie Utoya

Agata Bochyńska

Towards the Social Anthropology of Norway. The likhet Norm against Today's Problems: Immigration, Westernization and Massacre on the Utøya Island

The aim of the paper is to describe basic Norwegian values, such as equality, integrity, moderation and nearness to nature. These qualities come from the tradition and are determined by history and geography of the country. The author tries to define those concepts and search for the evidence of their presence in the everyday life of Norway’s inhabitants. The important aspect of the subject matter is the transformation of traditional values and changes in Norwegian philosophy of life in the last years. The main reason for that is growing number of immigrants, development of the welfare state and enrichment of its citizens, as well as recent incidents on the 22 of July 2011, when Anders Behring Breivik’s attacks have challenged the stability of Norwegian norms and rules that regulated the functioning of the society in Norway.