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Transgresywność poezji Herberta. Pejzażowa forma istnienia pamięci

Mariusz Solecki

Transgression of Herbert’s Poetry. The Landscape Form of Memory Existence

Poetic word is transgressive in the sense that it saves and breaks down the border of time and space, puts down all borders and restrictions. Z. Herbert uses transgression typical of the lyrics to make bits of the world which have to pass away – immortal. They are stored in fragile archives of memory, imagination and dream. The poet forms a textual, poetic landscape out of them. The phenomenon is illustrated by the following writings: Moje miasto, Przeczucia eschatologiczne Pana Cogito, Pan Cogito myśli o powrocie do rodzinnego miasta, Modlitwa Pana Cogito , podróżnika, Rovigo, Las Ardeński, Pudełko zwane wyobraźnią.