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Jan Szczepański o roli chłopów i kultury chłopskiej w społeczeństwie polskim

Marian Malikowski

Jan Szczepański on the Role of Peasants and Peasant Culture in the Polish Society

The article is an attempt to reconstruct the views of the outstanding Polish sociologist on the role of peasants in the latest Polish history, i.e. after World War II. It is based mostly on the following works: Chłopi i kultura chłopska w społeczenstwie polskim (1988) /“Peasants and the Peasant Culture in Polish Society”/, Rola chłopów w rozwoju społeczeństwa polskiego (1966) /“The Role of Peasants in the Development of Polish Society”/ and Zmiany społeczeństwa polskiego w procesie uprzemysłowienia (1973) /“Changes in the Polish Society in the Process of Industrialization”/. Although all the theses were made by professor Szczepański in the communist period, they have not lost their validity nowadays.